New R6 Siege season offers tons of new content

Rainbow Six Siege's first season of 2022 offers a whole lot of new content, including a new operator, map and permanent game mode.

The new seasons, dubbed Operation Demon Veil, will introduce players to Azami, the new operator that boasts a unique gadget.

Azami is a medium speed and medium health operator, with the Kiba Barrier up her sleeve. By throwing her special kunai, players can create solidified bulletproof surfaces as cover.

These circular structures can be used on any surfaces, allowing for incredible tactical strategies, where players can create new safe spots to defend from, block out attackers or patch up holes (including on ceilings or floors to delay attacks from other floors).

The new map, named Emerald Plains, is set in an Irish manor that has been renovated into a country club. The map has a large, open first floor and a more compact second floor, while there is also a courtyard and stable.

Team Deathmatch will become a permanent addition, while Attacker Repick is also dropping for each game mode (ranked and unranked), and allows players to adjust strategies by selecting new operators in the prep phase.

The release date for the new season has not yet been announced, but there is already some content available on YouTube that showcases the new operator.

Full teaser trailer below: