Square Enix underwhelmed by Guardians of the Galaxy sales

Reviews may not be as powerful as you think, that's if you consider the sales performance of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

The superhero blockbuster from Square Enix was critically acclaimed, scoring eight or higher from a number of major gaming websites.

Although reviewers pointed to a solid, funny story and decent gameplay, it seems that players were not too convinced by the reviewers.

According to the new financial results from Square Enix's first quarter of the fiscal year, Guardians did not reach the heights that they had expected.

“The HD Games sub-segment launched ‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’ in Q3. Despite strong reviews, the game’s sales on launch undershot our initial expectations," read the report, according to Game Informer.

Guardians did not have a lengthy build-up to launch, with the game being announced in June at E3 2021 and was officially released four months later on 26 October.

Square Enix have stated that they have implemented several sales initiatives to increase sales, but it remains to be seen whether the game is in line for a sequel.