Dead Space remake pushed back

Dead Space fans will have to wait a little longer to get back into the boots of Isaac Clarke, with the targeted release date pushed back.

The smash hit space horror game from Electronic Arts is getting a full remake, and although there has been some footage showcased, the release is not set for early 2023 as planned.

Dead Space, originally developed by Visceral Game in 2008, will be remade by EA Motive, which is the same team that brought Star Wars Battlefront 2's story campaign and Star Wars: Squadrons to life.

The remake is set to run on the Frostbite engine, and won't be a typical remaster, with improvements to gameplay being promised.

The new release window was revealed in a stream that offer an in-depth look at the sound of the game, and how they are using audio to create the terrifying atmosphere.

Another stream regarding the development is scheduled to take place in May and promises to offer a better look at the art design.

Check out the full stream here: