Streamer beats all 12 AC titles while taking no damage

A streamer recently completed the unreal achievement of beating ALL 12 main Assassin's Creed games without taking any damage!

Streamer Hayete Bahadori showcased his successful runs, which took over 80 hours as he blasted through the main quests to complete each game at the highest difficulty.

Taking on this task would already be a considerable test for many players, but to do it all without taking any damage is mind-blowing.

The streamer starts off with Assassin's Creed and finishes off with a 17-hour run through AC Valhalla, which he completes in two parts.

Bahadori seemed to be inspired by the free time he had from the pandemic, where his first successful no-damage run was with Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

According to Kotaku, Bahadori set the following rules:

"The health bar could not fall below 100%, starting from the 'first possible instance (of) damage to the game’s end credits.'

"From Brotherhood through Syndicate, all levels had to be 100% synchronized (meaning all the objectives were completed), with no reloads or restarts for a gameplay benefit.

"All the runs were played at the highest difficulty, starting from Origins (which is the first time that the series had difficulty modes).

"He also didn’t use glitches for skipping any game content, as he was very serious about the developers’ intentions.

"If he failed a single objective, then he would restart the entire run. He acknowledged that the series would often have developer-scripted instances of forced damage, which he didn’t count against his run. Whenever he was forced to take damage, he would note them in his YouTube descriptions."

Even though his completed successful runs took over 80 hours, he actually spent even more time preparing for the playthroughs where he would look for ways to eliminate, or at least minimise the risk of damage, and used some techniques from the speed-runners without exploiting glitches.

He notes that that it took him around 100 hours on each game, while Black Flag took around 250 hours due to some luck-based elements.

Valhalla took 800 hours due to the length of the campaign!

Check out all of his playthroughs here: