Report: Sony registers new PS5 console

Despite stock constraints meaning that people are still hunting for a PlayStation 5 console, reports suggest that a new PS5 model has already been registered.

According to Gamespot, Sony have registered a new PS5 model in Japan. The report states that Sony received construction design certification for a CFI-1200 device, which uses updated radio equipment.

The link to PS5 is that the Sony console uses CFI-1XXX as its chosen model numbering. As is usually the case, there are revisions over time, as there has already been weight reduction to the original console and an added thumbscrew, while models CFI-1102A have a smaller heatsink.

In past generations Sony released various versions of the console as time passed, with all versions PlayStation having, at some point, received a slim version of the original console.

The reports also suggest that part of the internal redesign development was in a bid to alleviate the current supply chain issues, which have also been enhanced due to the global semiconductor shortage.