Report: images of new Silent Hill leak online

A major leak online has reportedly showcased four images from a new Silent Hill game.

Of course, fans of the series are used to ups and downs, along with false rumours, but what is interesting to note was that the leaked images were swiftly removed with a note saying that they were removed by a "copyright holder”.

IGN source Twitter use Dusk Golem as the source. The tweet in question stated "Silent Hill leak. There's a lot I'm not sharing for now. This is from a relatively new source for me, but I have been given more than enough proof to believe them. I also will mention the names "Anita & Maya", "SMS Messages", and this is not the only SH game in dev.

"The shots are a bit dated, from 2020, so maybe this project looks a bit different now. But what I'm choosing to share. I know many will doubt this, but I have a lot of private proof to show this is real, and as always, I continue to wait on the Silent Hill game reveal."

Dusk Golem has previously leaked correct information on another major horror series, Resident Evil, and this leak follows fresh rumours that surfaced in October regarding a new Silent Hill. There was even more buzz in March when Konami renewed their trademark for the series, which has been in the dark since 2012.