EA Motive announce release date for Dead Space remake

Dead Space will make its eagerly-awaited return in January 2023. EA Motive have officially revealed the launch date for the 2008 sci-fi horror classic, which was originally launched by Visceral Games.

Isaac Clarke's terrifying romp through the USG Ishimura, filled with necromorphs, became an iconic game after its release, and the remake looks to bring that nightmare into the next generation.

With improved lighting and audio, along with a number of tweaks to stories, game mechanics and characters, the game promises to offer something new to even the most hardened of fans.

Since the announcement in July last year, there have been numerous updates on production through the Dead Space showcases, which provided a tremendous amount of detail of the work behing the scenes.

The latest event was around one hour long and focused on environments, visual effects, lighting and more.

At the end of the showcase it was revealed that the game will launch on 27 January 2023, on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5. However, this is likely to be the last look at the title before the next showcase, which is only set for October this year.