Callisto Protocol looks like a feast for space horror fans

Space horror fans would have been left feeling very satisfied with the opening Summer Game Fest show, and one of the standout features was the gameplay reveal of The Callisto Protocol.

Brought to life by the mind behind cult classic Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol looks absolutely terrifying, and immensely gory.

An extended look at gameplay showed the combat, stunning visuals and haunting monsters that players will face.

It also provided a look at how players will be able to make use of the environment to dispatch their enemies, though they are at a similar risk of being beaten by the elements around them.

The new details were announced and shown off by Glen Schofield, 12 years after he rejuvenated the space horror genre with Dead Space. And it seems that the game will lend some ideas from his original creation, with the ability to shoot or hack off limbs and other parts of your enemies.

Check out the full segment in the videos below: