Bumfluffski’s feauture streamer of the week

Tell us about yourself?

I am an average gamer, I Love Gaming, Passionate about Tech, Single Parent, and Old School Rocker and Variety Streamer. Lurker in the shadows, Born from a group of Zombie Exterminators (ZAZHU, ROZ) - Curing the infected one Bullet at a time. Moderator for CrankyMaiden, Glitch_GamingZA and Nitrouslandi.

Inspiration behind your name?

I never really had a fixed name, as never were a really big gamer (never was allowed in my home, aside from coming from not so wealthy home), The Gaming/Tech bug really only started nibbling prior to 2008/2009 while I was still in high school where a friend of mine's dad bought him, brother and the dad himself a computer.

We use to go to him every Friday after school and played some games together whilst me and another friend use to rotate play time, eventually during the time at high school, his brother eventually matriculated and studied into the IT field. And with this thought my friend what a motherboard is and how it works, again my friend being a good friend as he is, relayed the information to me and my other friends with some old boards that was laying around, and I think this was where the actual bug jumped me, later during grade11(Standard 9) Of course I was part of a High-Grade Computer Study class. We had no real teacher to teach us the programming a new made friend over time took some extra classes and of course I took in bits and pieces by him, we only got a proper teacher in matric in which by the 3rd school term learning what we should have over 2 years was just too short with the final exam around the corner.

We eventually all failed with a few like my friend that had the extra classes were able to pass, but the failure was not the end as I am intrigued by the way it worked I further went on to study programming and chose the exact same language I failed as the language of choice, but this short 1 year course sadly got hindered by further financial issues at home, and since I only had 1 exam left, I have asked the college I was doing the course by if I can come back to complete the exam at a later stage, in my favor at the time they said yes, off to find work.

I started off in retail sales, I eventually managed to get my hands on a Xbox 360 and started playing some games casually and having a second controller Would invite my friend over so we can Jam games together, he recommended I get Fifa as we watched soccer seldom at his house as well, while I was enjoying COD and other games more I decided to get it and we played, him beating me every time of course, then I heard about playing online. Sheeeeesh back then one had to hack the world if you did not have internet, Having only 3G, relatively poor reception share the connection, connect Xbox to laptop for internet and there we go the online global world opened I then started playing Fifa more and more online, and eventually landed in the top tier leagues, still hated the fact when you beating somebody they turned off their consoles but such is life ha ha.

The company that I was working for then invited me to play some indoor cricket with them as they had a man short, thus is where the name started sticking So they use to call me Hansie, and then at work started calling me Hans(sound like a Z at the end) and eventually some oak called me Hans Man and the name got born as TheHansMan at first Some places wanted numbers at the end and some didn't care, so my lucky number is 5. I added that at the end but in double for a while, then Saw few guys adding a ZA tag to their names(a few years later) I decided to add the Tag and complete the name once and for all.

The streaming side only started when we got hit by covid, and we had to partake in salary cuts, as a single parent my priority is to ensure my kid goes to school and learn something whilst we (which gets him super excited) is a haircut and McDonalds at the beginning of a month, or taking trips to show him some beautiful places and give him some exposure to what is around us. I know the future may hold a lot of mystery, and knowing what I can do and would be able to do I am just happy I chose to start this journey.

What games do you play?

Sport/Racing/FPS/Survival/Strategy games, and ZOMBIESSSS Games ha ha

Why did you get into content creation/streaming?

After watching some profound content creators and seeing them grow and explode, it got stuck in the back of my head as an option at the time, however as Covid19 hit we had salary cuts, and I needed to find more sources of income, having done some editing back in school days I knew on old passion may see the Sun light again.

Are you part of an org or would like to be?

Currently not part of any ORG, but believe the invite to join is open pending the invite.

What can people expect on your channel?

I would hope to get people aspired not to give up on their dreams, whether it be content creation, or being artistic with some great art, or new Music stars in the making, obtaining the permissions to use their music or art on streams I would hope get them attraction, I am currently sponsored by a Local Rock band and have their permission to use their music.

What does the feature mean for you?

When I heard about the iniative at first, It joined a vision I had long before meeting the incredible Bumfluffski himself through the Legion Create Competition although I did not expect to be a featured streamer, I wanted to find and do what I can to support the great initiative in any way I possibly could, I always meet some incredible people, and this has opened my eyes with even how much potential there is out there, I normally stream at the ungodly hours of the day as this is the only time I have open and makes discovery on local ground so much harder, however this has made me learn so much in such a small time.

Any shout outs?

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  • And Ofcourse My Artist for Emotes, overlays the best I know - KaylabearQ

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