Bumfluffski’s featured streamer of the week

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Mariza Joubert aka CrankyMaiden. 32 year old mom and wife from Gauteng, South-Africa. Self proclaimed amateur graphic artist and comedian. I was a finalist in the Legion Create competition and I am now a full time variety streamer and content creator on Twitch.

Inspiration behind your name?

So my very first online profile was on Xbox 360 and it gave me the name CrankyToast90. I stuck with it for a couple of years and later just removed the numbers at the end. At the time I was just playing GTA Online with friends so the name didn’t really bother me. It was only when I started my e-sports career that I considered changing my name. I kept the Cranky part because it fit my personality perfectly (anyone who’s seen my stream will know that I rage a lot and sometimes I am very CRANKY). I decided to change the last part to Maiden because at the time I was part of an e-sports team that had a medieval theme. I wanted to “fit in” and I also wanted to people to know that I’m female so I went with CrankyMaiden. I love my name and I don’t think I will be changing it anytime soon.

What games do you play?

I mainly play Dead by Daylight and I regularly get bullied into playing other horror games by my community (I scare easily and people love taking advantage of that). I do enjoy story based / interactive games. I used to be a competitive Call of Duty player, I do still play it from time to time but just for the fun of it. I am not limited to the games mentioned above, I’m pretty much open to play anything.

Why did you get into content creation/streaming?

I have been a gamer since I can remember but I only really started playing online games in 2020 when lock down hit. I made many new friends and they were always telling me to stream because I have the personality for it. I didn’t really know anything about Twitch or streaming but I decided to check it out anyway. I immediately knew that this would be a great way to socialize and meet new people. I had my very first stream in July 2021. I started streaming maybe twice a month, mainly our e-sports events. I had a lot of fun while I was live and the response to my content was astounding. Even though I wasn’t very consistent, I was gaining popularity by the day. I have always been a people's person and by becoming a streamer I just realized again how much I love entertaining and making people laugh. I’ve grown lot and achieved so many goals since I started streaming more consistently, all thanks to my amazing community and all the love and support I have received.

Are you part of an org or would like to be?

I am not part of any well know organization yet. I do have my own community, The Clique. We are an 18+ streamer support group. We have a zero tolerance policy for any harassment, bullying, sexism, racism, hate speech, body shaming and overall discrimination. My community means a lot to me, I know what it feels like to be told you're not good enough and not being given a chance to show your true potential so I would like to grow the community and provide a safe space for streamers to meet like minded people, reach their goals and gain more exposure.

What can people expect on your channel?

Chaos, questionable humor and lots of fun! My channel is 18+ but it is a safe, judge free environment for everyone to enjoy. We can go from serious conversations to gut wrenching laughter within seconds. I am all about being myself, being real, providing raw and uncut entertainment that people either love or hate and I am perfectly fine with not being everyone’s cup of tea. I interact with everyone who tunes in and will do my best to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

What does the feature mean for you?

It is an amazing opportunity to really showcase my personality and what my channel has to offer. With the amount of local content creators in the scene currently it is easy to be overlooked. I get to be in the spotlight and the exposure that I am getting from being the featured streamer is an incredible way for me to grow/improve my channel and my community. I am humbled by the overwhelming positive response I have gotten from this experience. It has been and honour and I am grateful to have been able to work with all the amazing people and brands involved in the movement.

Any shout outs?

There are too many to mention, so if I do not mention you please don’t take offense. I would like to give shoutouts to the following people:

  • Bumfluffski
  • TheHansManZa
  • LittleMissWicked
  • Nutty
  • Awsumlish
  • Pretz91

The entire Clique Community and everyone else who has supported me throughout my journey. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you guys. I appreciate you all xxx

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