A first look at Saints Row’s gorgeous map

Game Informer have dropped an exclusive look at the upcoming Saints Row reboot, showing off the Santo Ileso landscape.

Volition showed off the announcement trailer for the latest Saints Row title recently, and Game Informer got their hands on with a playable build of the game.

Journalist John Carson got access to a few story missions, activities and an opportunity to explore the game world.

Although the game is still in development, and footage is of a very early build, it looked like an impressive sandbox.

Check out the world of Saints Row in the video below:

The Saints Row reboot seems to be going back to its original roots, ditching the insane super powers of Saints Row IV, which in turn makes vehicles relevant once again.

According to Carson's report, the driving has been overhauled, and in essence vehicles have become part of the combat system, with the ability to jolt vehicles sideways to attack other vehicles.

Drifting is also a new mechanic and was likened to that of Mario Kart, and the overall experience on four wheels was positive in that it made movement in the game fun.

Also, just because you cannot fly around the map using superpowers, doesn't mean you can't glide through the air at all. Wingsuits offer the chance to rain chaos from above with a variety of spots built to send you soaring into the clouds.

The one negative from the preview was that shooting felt the least impressive of all the mechanics, however, a lot of the unique weaponry was unavailable in this particular build.